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Facebook TimeLine Remover For Mozilla Firefox.

Yosh! What's up, guys? I hope your day is always good. =) Anyway, I'd like to give you a trick, how to remove the Facebook TimeLine display and change it into the old one.

 Actually, it's not removing the TimeLine, it's just simply add an Add Ons on your browser. So, how does it work? The tutorial below will explain it to you step by step. =)

There will be a pop up from your browser. See the picture below.

Wait until it finish downloading the add ons. And then, a Window appears to ask you to install the add ons. See the picture below.

Wait until it fully installed on your browser. And finally , enjoy your old FB display. =)

"And, what IF I want to remove the TimeLine from other browser?"
Nah, you can go to this site:
Have a nice day. =)

Arigato to you who has reading my blog~!

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Ariel Nicho said...

sob! blognya keren!
mohon join back blog saya ya sob..

thx before..

denny aby said...

denny blogspot,,marhaban ya ramadhan, senyum sapa dari saya untuk sobat blogger di bulan yang suci dan penuh berkah ini...visit balik ya sob...

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